Kitchen Coatings

Monarch Kitchens and Joinery are lucky enough to have one of a few in-house paint shops dedicated to cabinetry in the Geelong area. The surfaces are prepared using the very best products to ensure a flawless finish.


We take the time to understand your needs and go through all the coating options with you, these includes:

  • 2 PAC polyurethane
  • Clear-coat varnish, Water-based
  • Eco-friendly finishes, Oils and waxes
  • Custom stains
  • Hand-painted artisan finishes.

Once you sign off on the sample prepared by our team your doors will commence the process that you have specified.

After being cut and sanded smooth, surfaces are given a total 5 five coats of paint (sanded between each coat) before being cured in a low bake oven which will maximise lustre, durability and hardness. Extra care and attention is given by our talented spray operators, to maintain accurate colour matching and consistent visual results.
Surfaces are prepared and sprayed with your desired clear coat sheen enabling the natural beauty of the timber you have chosen to shine through.
Your chosen surface will be prepared and sanded to enhance its own natural characteristics, followed by a hand-applied finish that you have specified. Each species of timber will require its own method of coating application. We take the time to go through all the options by providing you with samples, imagery and other examples we may have.
After being sanded to a smooth finish your cabinetry will go through the process of having one base coat and two top coats of your desired colour applied to give you a traditionally bespoke hand-painted finish. Detailed records are archived for future references.


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